Three Steps to Avoid Wedding Day Amnesia

How to Remember the Most Important Day

Wedding day amnesia can happen to anyone (grooms and brides!).  I definitely have a fuzzy memory of parts of my wedding, especially the busy, crazy, running around and having fun parts. After planning your wedding for a year or more, the day itself seems to fly by.  You'll be surround by friends and family, and having an absolute blast.  I think it is the overwhelming amount of emotions, events, and partying that can cause you to forget parts of your wedding day, or (like me) only remember a blurry, fuzzy version.  Planning time for yourself, and time for just you and your partner, will help to center you, and allow your mind to remember everything.

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Step 1:

During the getting ready, step into the bathroom (or bedroom, or hallway, or anywhere you can get a moment of peace!), shut the door, look into the mirror, and take a deep breath.  You're really about to do this.  You're getting married!  Think about all the reasons you love your partner, and why you want to be with them forever.  Think about the proposal, and your first date.  Think about how excited you are to see them at the first look (or walking down the aisle).  Remember how you feel in the moment (also don't forget to eat - you don't want to pass out during the ceremony!).

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Step 2:

After the ceremony, when you walk down the aisle, don't stop and talk to everyone.  There will be plenty of time to stop by everyone's table during the reception.  Take a short walk, just the two of you (your photographer will follow behind you getting awesome candid shots - but you can ignore them).  Talk about how crazy it is that you're married now.  Talk about your excitement for the reception.  Just be present and with each other.  When you've had a few minutes together, then go back into the craziness of family photos!

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step 3:

During the reception, you can coordinate with your photographer to sneak away for a minute. It is a little easier to leave the party for a few moments if someone else (the photographer) is asking for you.  Take a few sunset/night-time shots, and then your photographer can go back inside and continue capturing the party, leaving the two of you to have another private moment to talk, or just be with each other.  Go back in and keep partying when you're ready!

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Throughout the day, just take a moment.  Take a deep breath, and look around.  If you do these three things, it will help you remember the best parts of your day, and allow you to be fully present.  As an extra bonus, having those candid moments built into your timeline will make for awesome pictures!

Thanks for reading.  If you have questions, or just want to chat, contact me!