I'm a Pittsburgh-er, born & raised, and I'm still living (and working) in the same little neighborhood I grew up in.  When I'm not running around with a camera in hand, you'll find me eating sushi with my husband at our favorite place, or online shopping for things I don't need (but really reaaaalllly want).  

Kittens, coffee, and a good book are some of my favorite things, and I'm absolutely obsessed with finding adorable sweaters for our cats during the winter (I know, crazy).  My husband, Jon, and I have been together since 8th grade and we got married right after college.  We are the type of cheesy love story that I adore.

Working in this industry is an amazing experience.  Simply put, I love my job.  My favorite thing about photography is that I have the opportunity to become friends with my clients.  Most of the time, people come to me so that I can help them capture beautiful and exciting moments, like weddings, engagements, families, new babies, and more.  It is truly an honor to be able to share in those moments and help create memories to treasure for years to come.


All the images of me & Jon were taken by Rachel Rowland Photography; photos of me are by Dawn Derbyshire Photography.


My work has been published many times in both national and local blogs.  I'm so grateful that my amazing couples have been willing to share their day and promote their vendors.  They've been able to inspire many people!  Click the image to see the feature.



Every year I enter one photo contest, the Shoot & Share Photo Contest.  It is a worldwide competition that is open to all, and it is judged by anyone who wants to vote.  It is not a popularity contest, and names are not attached to the images till the winners are announced.  I've been blessed and grateful to have had images place in the Finalist Round, as well as the top 10%, 20%, and 30% of the competition.