Iceland Engagement | Dallas and Joe

Ahhh Iceland, my new favorite country. I’ve been there twice in the past few months, and am already dying to go back to explore during the summer. My husband and I went there together first, and you can check out that blog post here.

For this trip, I traveled with another photographer, Kat from Requiem Images. I posted on my instagram that I wanted to go back and photograph a couple, and she instantly said she wanted to come too. And here we are!

Dallas (the lovely & inspiring owner of Dallas Beauty Lounge) and her beau Joe came as well to get some epic engagement photos. I mean, come on - does it get better than engagement photos in Iceland? We spent two full days shooting, and we didn’t come close to capturing all the scenery available.

These two were troopers. We went through hail, rain, wind storms, and freezing temps to get these photos - not to mention all the hiking & climbing to get to these spots.

Totally worth it though.

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