As many of you know, I traveled to Budapest last week to attend the Fearless Photographers Conference (and tour lots of cool places of course!).  I'll be writing a blog post soon that has all the amazing details and photos of the trip, so keep an eye out this week!

While we were there, Sandra (the owner of Sandrachile and awesome traveling companion) really wanted to photograph a styled shoot.  She posted in a Budapest Facebook group to look for models.  A few people volunteered, and she ended up talking with some awesome couples.  She chose who she wanted to work with, and asked the other couple if they'd be willing to work with me.

That other couple ended up being Csongi & Yvette, who are two amazing individuals.  They met me by our AirBnb, and we walked around the city capturing beautiful images.  When I asked if there were anymore places they'd like to go, they volunteered to drive me up to the overlook, a beautiful historic area called the Fortress.  While driving through the city, they gave me a tour, telling me the stories and history of the area.  We spend almost 3 hours together, and they ended the night by giving me a magnet of Budapest!  How sweet!?!?!

Here's a sneak peek of some of their images.  Thank you both!

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