6 reasons to hire a proposal photographer

As we start getting into the holiday season, many people start planning proposals! It is a perfect time of year, with lots of friends and family around to celebrate the season, and the two of you. If you’re in the middle of planning, maybe you’ve thought about hiring a pro to capture the big moment. It’s becoming more and more popular these days! Personally (although I may be a little biased) I think you should definitely spring for a pro-photographer. There are so many of reasons to get photos of this happy event; my six favorite are below:

It Goes by Fast

People who have proposed often say that their mind went completely blank once they dropped to a knee because of how nerve-wracking the moment was for them! They can’t remember how their S.O. reacted, looked, or responded because of the excitement of the moment. Looking at the images will allow you to be transported back into that moment and  the feelings of the event will come rushing back to you. You also won’t have to worry about making sure to find a passerby to take this important picture! You can spend the moments leading up to the proposal thinking about what you’ll say instead of chasing someone down to take your picture.

pittsburgh proposal photography

To capture your reactions

When you’re on the receiving end of a gorgeous engagement ring, you’re likely to make some pretty incredible faces. Whether it’s the biggest grin of all time, or a shocked face complete with wide eyes, you can’t beat being able to capture raw emotion on camera. Your immediate reaction, the follow-up embrace and kiss, and general mood after you’ve got the ring on can create for some epic photos. Your new fiance won’t be saying “you should have seen your face” because the images will speak a thousand words.

pittsburgh proposal photographer

To share with loved ones

This is a great idea, especially if the proposal is a more intimate one. It might just be the two of you, or your closest friends and family. These images allow you to share the moment with all of your loved ones who weren’t there for the occasion. Social media has also become a big part of getting engaged, and these shareable images will be perfect for your Instagram or Facebook announcement!

pittsburgh proposal photographer

To use for the wedding

What a better way to get people excited for your wedding by putting your romantic and candid proposal picture on your save-the-date. Since it captures the pure joy of you as a couple, it’s a great way to set the excited and happy tone of your wedding day. Plus, those who don’t know the proposal story or who haven’t seen any pictures yet will enjoy having a printed copy of their own. You can also frame a couple of the images and place them by the guest book or even use the images as centerpieces. Depending on what you’re doing with your decor there’s usually a few spots throughout your venue when you can share pictures of the two of you.

pittsburgh proposal photography

To savor an incredible memory

You don’t think twice about getting your wedding professionally photographed, so why would you second-guess getting a proposal photographer? You want the moment you say “I do” to be caught on camera, and you should have the proposal moment professionally captured as well. You’ll be so happy you did later on in life when you’re asked about your proposal story and you can show them right there, how happy that day was for you!

pittsburgh proposal photography

We’re professionals (and yes, we can help plan!)

I highly recommend hiring a professional instead of asking friend to photograph the moment. Professional photographers can anticipate movements, maneuver crowds, and know how to get the job done no matter the weather or lighting.  Plus, most photographers have been in this situation before. We can give you tips and tricks for the perfect spot to stop, the best time of day for beautiful lighting, and even how to hide us away so your S.O. doesn't notice us till you're already on one knee. It should take a little bit of stress out, knowing you have a pro in your corner.


Are you planning a holiday proposal? Give me a call and let's chat!