This year is bringing some amazing changes to the studio.  I plan on taking on more weddings (and I still have a few 2016 dates open!), and taking on less portrait clients so that I can devote more time to each one individually.  I want to offer a very personalized experience to each client and focus on capturing exactly the emotions and mood you want to showcase.  

This year will be all about art.  I want to help you decorate your home with canvas galleries, design beautiful hand-bound albums, and create products that all of your friends will be jealous of.  I've spent the last two months curating my product offerings so that you only get the best, highest quality art. 

This is the focus of my new Fine Art Sessions.  We'll plan your session together, from the locations to the outfits, and create pieces of art that will enhance your home.  After your session, we'll meet at my studio so that you can choose which images you want to display.  You'll pick sizes and I'll create ready to display artwork for you.  I know you'll want to share all your photos on Facebook too, so you'll get a web-sized digital file for each print your order!

I am so excited to start offering this service this year.  I started developing this part of my business about halfway through 2015, and I can't wait to make it a part of every session this year! Personalized service will allow me to better capture you, and you'll get heirloom products you can pass down for generations!

You can read more about 2016 pricing here, or shoot me an email!

Here are some images of the studio and my new products & packaging.

Thanks for reading!