Mellon Park Family Session

One winter day, the weather decided to be warm, sunny, and gorgeous. After days of endless cold and clouds, it was amazing to see the sunlight again. I spent the day outdoors, but ran out of things to do around 3:30pm. I sat in my car in my driveway, wishing I had a photoshoot scheduled for that evening. Buttttt, I didn’t.

So I did what any good millennial would - I posted on my Instagram stories.
”Whoever wants a free photoshoot today, message me ASAP. First come, first served.”

Christina (owner over at Traveling Heart Productions) messaged me immediately. A half hour later, we were photographing her family at Mellon Park. She says she went from no makeup & sweatpants to this amazing look in that amount of time. Not sure if I believe her, but either way I’m impressed.