Below are a few things wedding photographers wish their clients knew about wedding photography. Read these 7 tips before booking yours so you know exactly what to expect.

Hire a photographer whose photography style you like

Wedding photographers can have a variety of different shooting styles such as photojournalism/documentary, traditional, and fine art (or be a mix of a few), as well as different editing styles (light & airy, bold & vibrant, dark & moody, etc). It’s important to understand the differences between all the styles and which one you and your future spouse like the best. Be sure to do your research  and know what style calls to you before booking a photographer. That way  you don’t end up with someone whose style doesn’t work for you.

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It’s important to establish a relationship with your wedding photographer

Get to know your wedding photographer! After all, they’re going to be snapping photos of you two on the most important day of your life. They’ll want to get to know you as a couple, from how you interact with each other, your cute quirks, and the way you show affection towards one another. Understanding these things about a couple prior to the wedding day helps the photographer capture the little moments that make your big day so special. I personally like to meet a few times before the wedding so that we have that opportunity (consultation, engagements, timeline meetings, etc).

Engagement sessions are important

You have a trial run for your hair and makeup and you try on your dress a number of times before wearing it on the big day, so why wouldn’t you do a practice run with your photographer? Engagement sessions allow you to get comfortable in front of the camera and allows your photographer to get used to photographing you both. When you see the images it will give you an idea of what your wedding day pictures will look like. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons you should have an engagement session.

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Your photographer doesn’t need a shot list

It might seem like a helpful idea to give your wedding photographer a list of all the moments you want captured, but it actually ends up stifling the photographer’s creativity. On the big day things are moving quickly and trying to organize everyone for photos is stressful enough without having to worry about a checklist. You can actually miss out on the candid moments when you’re too busy double-checking the shot list.; and candid photos end up being some of the best! Photographers are experienced professionals and they’ve shot enough weddings to know what kinds of images couples want. Have a general chat before the wedding day about any moments you definitely want pictures of, especially things we may not know about, but providing a detailed list isn’t necessary.

Chat about the wedding day timeline

The wedding day timeline is largely based off the photography timeline. Your wedding photographer (or planner if you have one!) is likely an expert in creating these and can be a helpful resource for this part of your planning. They know exactly how long family, wedding party and couples portraits take and can help plan out the day accordingly. The bigger your family and the bigger the wedding party, the longer pictures are going to take, so keep that in mind when you’re planning out your day.

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Good pictures can’t be rushed

Go into your day understanding that good wedding photos take time and patience. While you may be eager to join your guests during cocktail hour, you don’t want your anxiousness coming across in photos, so just enjoy the time you have with your new spouse! Consider doing a first look if you’d rather get all your photos taken beforehand. If that’s not for you, other concessions can be made, like sneaking out during sunset for a mini portrait session.Your photographer wants to give you the highest quality images, which doesn’t happen at the drop of a hat.

Trust your photographer

At the end of the day, your photographer is a professional so trust them! If they tell you to pose or move a certain way, listen to them. It may feel weird or you may think the picture is going to come out strangely, but wedding photographers know what they’re doing. Trust them to do their job as best they can so you can have gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime.

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