5 Reasons Why Every Couple Should Do an Engagement Shoot

After the question is popped and celebrations have been had, the next thing you should think about is getting your engagement photos taken! Engagement photos have so many benefits - check out a few of them below.

It helps your photographer get to you know you

Your wedding photographer is going to be capturing one of the most exciting days of your life, so I believe it is important to get to know them beforehand. Think about it; you’re going to have a hair and makeup trial, you’re going to try on your wedding attire, and have a rehearsal for the ceremony - so why wouldn’t you do a test run with your photographer too? Having time to hang out together before your wedding gives me a sense of who you two are as a couple and the kind of chemistry you have. I’ll be able to pick out your personality quirks, how you flirt with each other, and be able to showcase that through the images

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You’ll have professional photos to use pre-wedding

Try to get your engagement photos scheduled earlier rather than later so you can put them to good use throughout your engagement! You can include the shots on your wedding website for all of your guests to enjoy. You can also incorporate the shots on your save-the-date cards or in your guest book for your wedding day (Which I can create for you! Give me a call to see how). It’ll make things a lot easier than having to dig through years’ worth of pictures, trying to figure out which ones to use.

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Reconnect with each other and capture this special part of your life

As you have probably figured out, wedding planning can be stressful. Trying to organize an event with hundreds of guests is definitely not a relaxing experience. This is supposed to be a magical time in your life! Your engagement period should be full of romance and reconnecting with one another. Allow me to help! We can have an afternoon of fun doing whatever it is you like to do as a couple. You’ll be able to look back at these images years from now and remember what a lovely afternoon you had together at the park or strolling down town. Plus, it’s an excuse to get all dolled up and take some gorgeous pictures with your significant other!

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Practice for the big day

Chances are you haven’t had a professional photographer follow you around for hours snapping pictures of you doing everyday things. So it’s totally natural to feel a little nervous or uncomfortable. Let’s try to get those nerves and feelings of discomfort out of your system before your wedding day. You don’t want any awkward shots of you and your significant other on the big day, so  take this time to practice a few poses and get relaxed in front of the camera! Once you see how great you both look in professional shots, you’ll be even more excited for the big day. You’ll also be used to my direction and feel much more comfortable when we’re shooting on your wedding day (and under a time crunch!).

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Documenting your relationship

Use this as an opportunity to express yourselves as a couple. We can shoot at your favorite hiking spot, at the café where you had your first date, or any other meaningful location. Use this as an opportunity to show who you are as a couple and let me capture your connection. I want to be able to highlight your personalities through my pictures, so feel free to include anything that reflects who you two are. Have a picnic, play with your dog, or cook breakfast at home. No matter what, I’ll be there to capture it all.

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